NitroFill Rewards Reward Your Customers' Loyalty with FREE TIRES
and we'll Reward Yours by Paying for Them.
Percentage of your customers who
purchase tires from you now: 7*
Percentage who probably would
if they were FREE: 100
Now when you preload your vehicles with NitroFill, you'll not only enjoy increased tire and service sales, as well as more Visits per VIN, from the industry's most effective customer retention program, but you'll also be able to REWARD your customers' loyalty with CASH towards their next set of tires.
Every time your NitroFill Tire Rewards customer returns to your service department for a required tire rotation or inspection they earn CASH towards their next set of new tires. Loyal customers can earn up to $1000 towards their next purchase of new tires from you.
Number of
Tire Rotations
Total Benefit
3 Rotations $25
4 Rotations $50
5 Rotations $100
6 Rotations $150
7 Rotations $250
8 Rotations $350
9 Rotations $450
10 Rotations $600
11 Rotations $800
12 Rotations $1000
Note: If the manufacturer of a covered vehicle does not recommend or prohibits the rotation of tires, member must have their tires inspected at the same required service interval. Tires must be replaced at the new car dealership where the member purchased their qualifying NitroFill service for the above listed benefits.
*From Modern Tire Dealer Magazine, "Facts Issue 2015."
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To learn more about NitroFill Tire Rewards and our Tire Inflation Maintenance Customer Retention Program,
contact your NitroFill Distributor or us directly at 1-877-2GO-FILL.